Supercharging Enterprise Resource Planning and Operations

When there is no business process that we couldn’t at least double in efficiency, why leave money on the table?

Your Operational Ally

iTK Technologies is a data science-driven financial technology firm supercharging enterprise operations and resource planning.

Our AI-powered ERP software and operational intelligence platform empowers business leaders with real-time insights and a full suite of capabilities to help you maximize profitability. Since 2007, we’ve helped organizations across industries proactively identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies and sustainably grow.


Our AI-Powered ERP Platform

Our transformative enterprise solution suite seamlessly integrates with any ERP system to deliver unparalleled operational insights, from labor to revenue to expenses to supply chain — and everything in between.
  • Continuous monitoring to proactively identify inefficiencies.
  • Enterprise resource planning optimization.
  • Real-time operational analysis, projections and forecasting.
  • Financial leakage detection and prevention.
  • Audits, assurance and forensic accounting.
  • Fraud monitoring with machine learning detection
  • Dynamic price optimization and elasticity modeling.
  • Automated accounts payable and vendor management.
  • Spend analytics and expense auditing
  • Compliance monitoring and risk mitigation.
  • Data science and machine learning as a service.
  • Strategic advisory and transformation consulting.

iTK minimizes guesswork and cumbersome to-do’s, empowering your team to focus on more strategic, thoughtful work that boosts the bottom line.

Eliminate Business Inefficiencies

Operational blind spots and manual, reactive processes severely limit an organization’s profitability and scalability in the modern world of business. Traditional tools and methods leave money on the table and stretch resources thin with redundant, time-consuming tasks.

iTK Technologies revolutionizes how businesses leverage data, providing unprecedented visibility into your operations in hours — not months or years. That’s why we’re committed to tangible results with no upfront fees until we deliver operational excellence.


  • Seamless Integration
  • Maximized Profits
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Streamlined Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced Resource Utilization and Allocation
  • Improved Risk Mitigation
  • Proactive Fraud Detection
  • Better Planning and Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Optimized Pricing
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

Operational Intelligence Solutions



Our machine learning-powered forecasting engine leverages historical revenue, supply chain, labor and other data to precisely predict future needs and trends. Gain visibility into revenue by channel, product and geography, optimize inventory and ensure right-sized staffing and scheduling. Forecast potential pitfalls and opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.



Reveal blind spots, risks and areas of financial leakage with iTK’s real-time auditing. Our platform constantly monitors your processes and transactions to flag anomalous activities and provide always-on assurance, accounts payable and receivable auditing, compliance checks and more. Harness advanced analytics to identify and remediate issues before they become larger problems.