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RTM10 ERP Management

RTM10 is the only Performance Management tool designed specifically for your Infor Lawson solution. Utilizing RTM10, you can monitor and manage your Infor Lawson environment for performance challenges across the entire technology stack (All Lawson technologies including: webshpere, Oracle/MS SQL, etc…). RTM10 also provides unprecedented functionality for managing cyber threats for any functionality that you place outside of the firewall.

iTK Solution OverviewSolution Overview

Increased Performance

Your Infor Lawson solution is an enterprise class solution that helps you run your business. You need to ensure you are running at peak performance at all times, and if not, you need to know why. You may be placing some functionality outside of the firewall – You want to make sure that you are monitoring for cyber threats. Finally, you need the platform that maintains the statistics and delivers the analytic tools that help your IT operations improve.

Designed specifically for the Infor Lawson.

Comprehensive performance monitoring.

Integrated threat management.

Improved health of critical business applications.

Quickly diagnose performance problems.

Comprehensive Management

iTK delivers comprehensive application performance management to the Infor Lawson market with RTM10. Whether you are considering a new implementation or you have an existing implementation of Infor Lawson, you need the proper platform to ensure that your business applications are running optimally and that you are able to diagnose performance or threat related issues. Besides it's aforementioned capabilities, RTM10 includes a comprehensive reporting suite.

Infor Lawson environment (dev, prod).

Websphere, LDAP, Web, Database.

Transaction Response time.

Javaload, memory usage.

Included in iTK's SLA’s.