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Mobile ERP Optimization

Are you ready to “Mobilize” your Infor Lawson solution? With the popularity of smart phones and tablets, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies are becoming increasingly strategic to the operations of your company as well as the satisfaction of your employees. iTK ’s Mobile ERP solution “mobilizes” your Infor Lawson for business. With our Mobile ERP solution, you can run any Infor Lawson web based solution on any device and virtually any browser. Yes, smart phones, tablets, AND desktop/laptops. That includes Windows & Apple. Finally, a solution that works on all your browsers and devices, delivered to your users in a secure fashion allowing you to place your Infor Lawson solutions outside the firewall if desired.

Mobile ERP Optimization

Simplifying and standardizing your user experience.

Mobile ERP for Infor Lawson is a solution that addresses the issue of browser/device support for Infor Lawson products. It is the ONLY product on the market designed and built specifically for Infor Lawson and outputs precise W3C standard HTML. The kind of HTML and functionality that is required to run on any device and any browser. It’s that simple.

Delivering the Mobile Enterprise to your business.

Now that you have the ability to deliver functionality to all your users effectively, you may now be thinking of those projects that you would like outside the firewall. By adding iTK's ME Security to your server; an add-on security authentication solution that secures your users – you can now move outside of the firewall. No VPN required. You are now in a position to deliver any self-service functionality to your users outside the firewall. Solutions like Benefits Enrollment, Employee or Manager Self-Service, or ANY Infor Lawson portal application.