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iTK Direct Connect

Whether it is increased security, thanks to Direct Connect’s lightning fast, double-authentication, or a need for greater LDAP flexibility, iTK ’s Direct Connect is the secure go-to resource for more companies than ever.

You want to roll out your Benefits Enrollment (or any Infor Lawson function) program and you want to make it available outside of your corporate office. Make no mistake about it, Benefits Enrollment is one of those functions that many times are a family oriented activity usually discussed and understood by the heads of a household. The decisions you make effect your family directly. This is why so many organizations want to not only make this a self-service function, but also, make it available in a manner that allows the employee to do so in the comfort of their home with the people who help make the decisions.

iTK Solution OverviewSolution Overview

You need secure access to specific Infor Lawson functions available on any browser. Direct Connect is a unique rules-based solution that is designed specifically for your Infor Lawson implementation and can deliver functionality like Benefits Enrollment securely and to any device including virtually any browser or mobile device such as tablets and phones.

Access to Multiple Data Sources

Access points to multiple-user credential storage.

Single application for seamless access to data, in real-time.

Multi-point user credentials expand authentication options.

Full ESS and MSS access results in HR savings of 75% or more.

Immediate benefit and ROI.

Core user credential repository protection.

Secure DMZ Deployment

User access memorization for daily application access.

Offers scaled down information for logins outside of network.

Rules-based engine options provides full system control options.

Full user permission control in Extranet environments.

Increased security on the Intranet.