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iTK Browser Solutions

Why limit productivity of Lawson users to corporate PC and Internet Explorer only? iTK Browser Solutions enable you to access the Infor Lawson data you want, from the devices and browsers you want. In today’s world you cannot limit yourself to business applications that only run on Internet Explorer. Today’s business needs require mobile access for tablets and phones. BYOD (Bring your own device) is demanding more flexibility to support multiple browsers. And with the popularity of web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple’s Safari – The browser has become a critical path for your business success.

iTK Solution OverviewSolution Overview

iTK ’s Browser Solution is an Infor Lawson add-on solution that addresses these challenges. Leveraging our many years of experience with Infor Lawson business applications, we recognized the need to create a solution that can translate the output of any Infor Lawson HTML application interface such as portal, self-service, or standard forms and convert to native HTML that works on virtually any browser. Finally, your Infor Lawson solutions can run seamlessly and robustly on any IOS, Android mobile device, Apple MAC device, or any of the popular browsers such as: Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera… and even Internet Explorer.

Featured Benefits

Installs in less than 30 minutes.

Any Android, IOS (Apple), or W8 mobile device.

Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Snaps on to your existing Infor Lawson implementation.

Immediate benefit and ROI.

Supports your BYOD strategy.