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Want to save up to 89% in HR fees?

For HR to find, put together and deliver an employee handbook, it costs $4.00. With Direct Connect, an employee can view the handbook on their own terms for $1.20.

Along with browsing freedom, Direct Connect is a program which offers instant and secure access to employees, vendors and company policies. You can send dedicated sources of information to users outside your corporate network and create single user accounts with their own passwords. An employee can go through HR to view their profile costing you $1.60, but with Direct Connect, the employee can view it himself and cost you a mere $0.40. This is a 75% savings in HR and gives your users access points to credential storage which expands your authentication options.

Full ESS and MSS with Direct Connect will not pollute your core Lawson Portal with credential repository or risky data but will enable you to manage external and internal access for users or a group of users safely and effectively. Control what they see and do when you expose your applications for the Extranet and increase security on the Intranet.

If that doesn’t sell you, how about saving $4,320 in what it usually costs to run mass employee reports as a manager versus absolutely nothing for you to perform that task through Direct Connect.

Browser Solutions keeps your Lawson system running when and where your users are working. It works with Lawson Portal, Self-Service, LBI or all of them combined for a limitless, accessible and proficient work setting. Direct Connect maintains the security of company information and improves productivity exponentially.