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New Technology: Upgrading to More Efficient Business

"Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes." - Andrew Heller.

The technology world is ever changing. New gadgets, improved devices and updated systems; it never ceases to grow and amaze. Some days, it may be difficult to keep up, but the best thing you can do is educate yourself on up-do-date technology.

Mashable is constantly releasing reviews and announcements for the latest and greatest innovations in all things tech. Firefox has a new feature (see it here), Opera is updated (see it here), Google Chrome can be added to any browser; it’s all specific, alarming and usually important. You may not need a kitchen that can find recipes and talk to you, but knowing the pros and cons of a browser update can be extremely beneficial to you.

Your work is important, and staying relevant is imperative in the territory of IT. Keeping things running smoothly and efficiently calls for constant updating and refreshing. This can mean upgrading or replacing devices themselves, software or add-ons to existing programs.

Whether you have an iPhone5, Galaxy Note 3 or you go old school with a Blackberry, each uses a different browser system. For Lawson users, this can pose an issue when trying to work or access personal information in the HR database. Being limited to Internet Explorer or a work PC can put users behind in their work. Expand your Lawson capabilities with iTK’s Browser Solutions to relieve the restrictions and work blockages for your users.

Louis Lazaris’ article was featured on Smashing Magazine’s site explaining, to all users, how important updating your browser can be. Louis Lazaris @ImpressiveWebs.

A lot of people get into a comfortable habit of using one browser and refusing change. A simple browser upgrade can speed up your work; and mixed with Browser Solutions can open the door for multiple avenues to accomplish work goals and lessen excuses.

Business Insider published an article by Julie Bort on the tech trends predicted for 2014. The first listed was “Customer Tech Loyalty Will Die.” This is on the basis that when a customer buys a specific brand, they usually stick with that brand when they upgrade or get a new device. Bort discusses how all tech companies are expanding beyond their device construction for people who want options. Larger screens, accessories, speed, camera pixels all add up in making a decision for a tech device. Different brands embrace and compete by being bigger, faster and brighter, so there are constant upgrades and companies to choose from.

The good news about having a wide range of devices to pick from that come with a variety of browsers to choose from is that with Browser Solutions, you can access your Lawson data no matter which one you decide upon. Technology is constantly evolving, leaving you with dozens of options, but one choice can be made to ease your mind: iTK’s Browser Solutions. Keep up-to-date, stay on top of your technology game and be efficient as possible in your work.