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Are you tired of your work being limited by only being able to use one browser?

With Browser Solutions, you and your users can access all your Lawson data with any browser, on any device. This gives you the freedom of getting a handle on your work while traveling, out of computer reach or need a quick reference to your data.

Everyone appreciates the power of choice. Some people stick to what they know with Internet Explorer, others like to branch out and explore faster options like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Apple users are no longer held back from using Safari and even Blackberry users can utilize their Opera browser with Browser Solutions.

With today’s users, “I want what I want and I want it now” is the consistent outlook on technology. With smartphones, tablets and mobile technology, everything is directly accessible at any time and any place. Browser Solutions helps feed this instant gratification with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which lets you access your Lawson data from the browser you want on the device you prefer. This immediate access results in productivity increase and ultimately provides a more efficient work environment.

This program is fast, efficient and come with full ITK Technologies support and maintenance. Why wait? Sign up for your FREE demo below.