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How do you lead?

Facebook has been littered recently with quizzes telling you which decade you should have been born in, what type of dog you are or what character you would be in a popular sci-fi series, but in the business world it is a bit more pertinent to know the type of leader you are rather than what city in Europe you belong in.

Leaders are born at different stages, they lead by varying aspects and they have multiple ways of effectively getting work done. In this article, we will cover what type of leaders are out there and the fitting tactics to use based on how you lead. So what kind of leader are you?

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Are you a servant leader, solitary sergeant or simply a group gatherer? Find out!

  1. When planning a meeting, how do you get everyone together?
  2. Send a mandatory memo and calendar request.
    Offer food/drink to discuss topics together.
    Say, "I'll go if you go."

  3. A new project has come up. How do you delegate?
  4. Divide into departmental groups and let members decide among themselves.
    Assign based on performance and department.
    Host a meeting to invite discussion of everyone's desired roles including your own.

  5. If there is an issue, how do you hear about it?
  6. Let managers take care of it.
    Parties directly come to you.
    Someone cries on a coffee break.

  7. Your company has a new program to use, how do you train your employees?
  8. Take the class and host a training session.
    Send a group email to train together.
    Set up mandatory training classes.

  9. Who has the best speech?
  10. MLK Jr.

If you scored mostly 1s, you are a servant leader. People look to you because you make them feel comfortable by treating them equally, but you are a respected leader because you know sometimes you have to get your hands dirty too. These individuals lead by example. They teach by first learning all aspects of the project and proceed to educate others by his experiences. (Democratic style according to “Leadership Styles” at mindtools.com).

If you scored mostly 2s, you are the big boss on campus. You delegate, get things done precisely and have built the company to thrive through your delegations. You deal with major issues and provide intellectual guidance for firm affluence. You might be the head hancho, but you know exactly how to get the tough stuff done. This type of leader is fixed, direct and determined. They are respected in the light of authoritative leadership. (Autocratic style according to “Leadership Styles” at mindtools.com).

If you scored mainly 3s, you are a group leader. You enjoy the interaction with others and trust them to get the work done efficiently. Discussions help you understand all aspects of the company, and you can see and determine needs better when you're surrounded by the people who look to you. Events, rallies, meetings all happen because this type of leader has the respect of a group of people to support him. This individual knows how to ignite camaraderie, enthrall energy and spread optimism in goal setting. You might be a team player, but you’re most definitely the captain of the team.

Every type of leader is important to specific types of organizations. Knowing what type of leader you are can help assess the type of activities you engage in with your team and the way projects get accomplished. If your team remains your top priority alongside your determination for the organization’s success, your leadership style will be reflected accordingly. You can read about the varying leadership styles from mindtools.com here.

There are multiple types of leaders in every organization or company, if you are ready to work with one of our dynamic leaders who will help kickstart, organize and prioritize your company’s leaders, give us a call today!